“A fascinating story of identity lost, stolen, forgotten, and found again,  narrated through a saga in  the late twentieth century.   It is a novel of passion  for homeland and family as well as a sensual and beautiful love story. Sometimes the more you look, the less you see.”

Victor B.


“This  easy-to-read novel caught my attention from the first sentence  and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Through the authentic and true to life characters of Xavier and Adrienne,   we see  the  impact of extreme nationalism  in day to day life in the Basque case, and the complex and fragile equilibrium of the French Canadian identity.  The interesting and dynamic plot, is very well wound together. The author guides us masterfully from one character to another, from one scenario to another, from past to present,  never losing rhythm or interest. Fantastic first novel.”

 Montse S.


“Fast-paced book in an international setting which takes the reader from a small town in Canada, to the Basque Country, the United States, and Holland in an environment full of suspense and intrigue. An adventure packed with romance and passion.”

Marcia M.

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